Food Company Creates 80 New Jobs In Russellville, Arkansas

Mar 15, 2013

80 new, full-time jobs will be coming to Russellville when expansion of a ConAgra Foods plant is completed by June of next year.

ConAgra Foods headquarter

The company made the announcement Friday, with salaries at about $16 per hour.

Jeff Pipkin, president of Chamber of Commerce in the Russellville area, says this is very significant for the city.

“I am very pleased to find out today after talking to the general contractor, that a lot of the work being done is being done by local contractors. And that money will of course stay in the community for a long period of time and the multiplier effect of that is quite impressive and we couldn’t be more excited.”

The plant has been in Russellville since 1964 and was originally known as Morton Foods. ConAgra took over the operation in 1980s.

“They’re going to be investing at least $100 million in the project which is the largest industrial investment in the River Valley since the Arkansas Nuclear One power plant was built back in 1970, so obviously we’re very excited about it. But not only the investment, but the jobs that are being created,” said Pipkin.