Formal Ruling Expected in WM3 Records Case

Mar 27, 2013

Christopher Byers, Michael Moore, Steve Branch.

A judge is expected to issue a formal ruling next week in a legal battle over public records in the case of three Cub Scouts killed 20 years ago in West Memphis.

Judge Victor Hill said he will issue a ruling Monday in a lawsuit that has sought access to evidence in the slayings of 8-year-olds Stevie Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers. 

Three men, known as the West Memphis Three, were convicted as teenagers for the murders. Those convictions were set aside in2011 and they were released as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. 

The mother of Stevie Branch has argued that authorities violated Arkansas' Freedom of Information Act by not allowing families of the victims to examine evidence. 

Meanwhile Judge Hill said he has tentatively dismissed a prosecutor from the case, but said he'll wait to issue a final decision next week after reading new filings.