Friday Is The Warmest Day Of 2013 So Far

Mar 15, 2013

The National Weather Service says Friday was the warmest day of the year so far in central Arkansas.


The temperature reached into the 80s.

Weather officials say in previous years at this time of March, the temperature was around 63.

But Meteorologist Emilie Nipper says it’s not the end of the cold weather.

“We have fluctuations, so we’re still going to have some cooling off later on in this month. Even this weekend, we’re going to have temperatures cool off. There’s a cold front that will move in to the state, especially across northern Arkansas, so temperatures are going to cool. But, we’ll cool down into the 60’s for the beginning of next week,” said Nipper.

The low of Friday night in Little Rock is forecast to drop to 55, the high Saturday is expected to reach the upper 70s.  Rain is also possible in the area on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Visit National Weather Service for the latest forecast.