Fundraising Underway For Ten Commandments Monument At Arkansas Capitol

Feb 18, 2016

A Ten Commandments monument at the Texas state Capitol in Austin, which is a model for the planned Arkansas display.
Credit Wikipedia

A controversial effort to place a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the Arkansas state Capitol is underway.

As of Thursday morning, nearly $1,000 had been raised through a funding campaign launched Wednesday.

Republican State Senator Jason Rapert is spearheading the effort to raise over $16,000 toward erecting the display. The non-profit American History and Heritage Foundation will sponsor the monument.

Rapert noted that lawmakers approved legislation by a wide margin in 2015 to legalize such a monument with the cost covered by a private group. 

"The monument granite has been ordered, it will be etched," said Rapert. "We're excited to be putting that in for the state of Arkansas."

This summer, a Hindu group objected when its request for a monument was denied by the Secretary of State’s office.

Rapert suggested that for another religion to get a display, a separate bill will have to be passed by the Arkansas Legislature. But others argue the law passed last year opens the door for any religious group to have such a monument at the Capitol.