Game Time: Test Your NPR IQ With Quizzes From 'Ask Me Another'

Jun 13, 2013

Think you know NPR? Prove it.

We've got some host trivia and correspondent conundrums for those of you who think you've got what it takes to correctly pronounce Poggioli on first try and identify Sandhoff's news beat in the blink of an eye (or is that a trick question?).

Oh, what's that, you want to know what the prize is? Fame and glory, of course! Who knows, perhaps you'll walk a little taller and sleep a little more soundly knowing you owned these puzzles crafted by the Ask Me Another gurus themselves.

Once you've earned your stripes here, move on to something more eclectic: Download Bring Us To Your Party, a series of games and quizzes fit for a soiree, crafted by your favorite NPR puzzlers. Or go pro and enter to be a contestant on the Brooklyn-based show.


Game #1: A Host of Hosts
Here are some fake facts - that's right, fake - that clue the names of well-known NPR hosts and correspondents. We even threw in a few honest-to-goodness, verifiable hints, but no promises they'll help you come out on top.

1) This fresh-sounding host is actually twelve dozen different people.
HINT: She's butted heads with Gene Simmons and Bill O'Reilly.

2) This longtime NPR host sounds like a play by Chekhov, but he's strictly "for the birds."
HINT: Consider IT

3) This All Songs Considered host must like his music hot, because he keeps the studio at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
HINT: He's the force behind NPR Music.

4) The full name of this "king" of current-events comedy anagrams to "A REGAL PEST."
HINT: Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me!

5) She's the newest voice on All Things Considered: her first name sounds like a luxury car brand, and her last name sounds like a game hen.
HINT: C'mon, you've got this one.

6) Surprisingly, this host is not related to the actor who played Walker, Texas Ranger.
HINT: She's the author of The Grace of Silence.

7) He hosts Talk of the Nation, but he really wants to host Talk of the Barbarians.
HINT: During the 1991 Gulf War, he was detained by the Iraqi Republican Guard for three days.

8) Correspondents Patti Neighmond and Tom Gjelten have the same silent letter in their last names as this Morning Edition host.
HINT: Like Neighmond (reporter on the NPR Science Desk) and Gjelten (covers global security), this host has a silent 'G.'

Answers here!

Game #2: This That Or The Other

This game is one of our favorites the Ask Me Another crew's favorites. The rules are simple: look at the list of items below, and guess which of three categories that item belongs to: NPR Reporters, Former World Leaders or Medical Disorders.












MULRONEY (MULL-ruu-knee)



Answers here!

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