Harrison City Leaders Struggle To Lose Community's Racist Image

Feb 19, 2014

White patriots confront members of a race task force meeting in Harrison. (left to right) Task Force member Layne Ragsdale, Carolyn Cline, local Klan operator Thom Robb and Robb's grandson-in-law Freeland Dunscombe.
Credit Jacqueline Froelich / KUAF

The North Arkansas city of Harrison is taking steps to rebrand itself, but some so-called white patriots are working to mark the town as their territory.

The Ozarks community, roiled by race riots in the early 1900s, has become a magnet for organized hate groups. It also attracted international media attention last fall with a billboard many considered racist.

A local race task force wants to counter that image, but at a recent meeting were confronted by Klan leaders. Jacqueline Froelich with Fayetteville station KUAF has the story. You can hear her report above.