High Temperatures Reach Arkansas

Aug 20, 2014

Hot temperatures have hit central Arkansas after a record cool July. Central and Eastern Arkansas have temperatures in the high 90's with heat indexes above 100 degrees.  According to Charles Dalton of the National Weather Service, these temperatures are not out of the ordinary for August.

“We’ve got really strong upper level high pressure building across the central gulf states including Arkansas. So, we’ve had an a-typical summertime weather pattern stretching back the past couple of weeks and it’s just kind of swapped to a more normal pattern,” said Dalton.

Debbie Gillespie of CareLink, an Arkansas nonprofit that represents the elderly. She said older people should take extra precautions in the heat.

“We want them to try to stay cool, to try to stay inside, to wear light clothing, and to drink lots of water at least eight glasses of water or juice a day and try to avoid alcohol and caffeine,” said Gillespie.

A cold front is expected to push into the area by next Tuesday