Jewelry Auction To Raise Money For Hearing-Impaired Children

Sep 15, 2013

The Advance Health Spa in Hillcrest is accepting Jewelry donations this month, to benefit children affected by hearing loss. 

The business is partnering with Sertoma, an organization that works with the hearing impaired, to raise money for the deaf and blind school’s hearing aid costs.

They will accept all types of jewelry in any type of condition, including broken watches and single, lost earrings. Event organizer Connie Carbary  says the donated items will be fixed.

"We have people that are remaking it at the Arts Center.  So they're making new jewelry out of the old jewelry, and then we're having a silent auction," says Carbury. 

The silent auction is Thursday, October 3rd at the Advance Health Spa. 

Deliver or mail donations to 615 Beechwood St (Hillcrest), Little Rock, AR 72205.