Judge Asked To Recuse From Suit Against Arkansas Treasurer

Aug 12, 2016

Credit Michael Hibblen / KUAR News

Attorneys for a former employee of Arkansas Treasurer Dennis Milligan want a federal judge to recuse from a lawsuit against Milligan.

The motion asking Judge Brian Miller to step aside was filed Friday morning for David Singer, who is suing Milligan and Milligan's chief of staff, Jim Harris. Singer alleges an email by Harris and released after Singer's firing was defamatory because it described him as mentally unstable.

The motion comes after the trial was halted Thursday when Harris complained of chest pains and alleges Harris may have been faking.  An attorney for Singer questioned the legitimacy of the emergency and said he believes Harris would be "fine" by Friday.

Miller called the comment "despicable." 

The motion says Miller should recuse because jurors could learn of his comment and be tainted.