Judge Reconsidering Order In Tony Alamo Civil Case

Oct 10, 2013

A judge is reconsidering his order that requires the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries sell several properties to satisfy multi-million dollar judgments against the jailed evangelist. 

Tony Alamo

The Texarkana Gazette reports that about 100 ministry members attended a bench trial Wednesday at U.S. Magistrate Judge Barry Bryant's Texarkana courtroom. 

The members say that the properties are owned collectively by church members and not Alamo, who is serving a 175-year federal prison sentence.

Earlier this year, Bryant ruled that the properties were bought and controlled by Alamo, even though they were placed in the names of ministry members.

The sale of the properties would go toward a $30 million civil judgment won by two former ministry members who say they were abused as children at Alamo's compounds. Bryant says he'll rule soon.