Lincoln Says Effective Communication Key To Pryor Victory

Jun 10, 2013

Former Democratic U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas is now a lobbyist working on issues that impact small businesses and independent contractors. Lincoln lost her Senate seat to Republican John Boozman in the 2010 election. 

Blanche Lincoln

In an interview with Talk Business Arkansas, Lincoln says Senator Mark Pryor will face many challenges for reelection, especially when it comes to getting his message out to voters.

“[When a senator takes a vote,] before you can walk out of the [Senate] chamber there’s probably 300 different descriptions of what you voted for, how you voted, and why you voted,” said Lincoln. “These days, there is really not that opportunity to get a consistent message out and it’s tough because there are so many different outlets where people get their information.”

Though Pryor currently does not have an opponent in his bid to keep the post, he has faced opposition and various attack ads from special interests groups on both sides of the political spectrum. Nevertheless, Lincoln says Pryor still has a good chance to win.

“Mark’s a hard worker, he’s a thoughtful legislator, and he’s dedicated to Arkansas,” Lincoln said. “I think he really works hard to find the middle-ground and the consensus that needs to be had to be productive. People’s dissatisfaction with Congress is because it just lacks any productive efforts… and most productivity really comes from consensus building.”

In order to win, Lincoln says the Pryor campaign will have to have a comprehensive communication strategy to get out a consistent message about his votes and opinions on important issues.  

Right now, Lincoln is spending more time with family and partnering with former lawmakers on bipartisan public policy initiatives. Lincoln admits she enjoys working in the private sector and does not plan on running again for political office.