Little Rock Airport Adds Additional Service to Orlando

Jun 5, 2013


Little Rock’s Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport is offering non-stop flights to Orlando starting Thursday. 

Nevada based Allegiant Airlines says they intend to offer the flight throughout most of the year. 

Allegiant spokesman Jessica Wheeler says, "It is intended to be a year round service but you may see a few weeks at a time where we pull back on that service just because people aren't traveling. But, in general we expect it to be really popular. I know there's some other seasonal service to Orlando right now but once that seasonal service is gone we hope to fill that void."

Wheeler says she believes the passenger load will meet the airline’s operation requirements.

"As a general rule we run our business at a 90% capacity, which means that we fill 90% of the seats, and we do that by managing schedules and fares. At this time I think we'll have no problem selling those seats out of Little Rock to Orlando," says Wheeler.

There are currently four carries operating out of Little Rock with flights to Orlando. Allegiant is nearly half as a cheap as competing airlines. It was also announced this week that Delta Airlines cut their daily service between Little Rock and Memphis.