Little Rock Launches 5-Year Sewage System Upgrade

Feb 4, 2016

Credit British Broadcasting Corporation

The City of Little Rock is launching a five-year sewage-line upgrade, called Project Renew, to its 1,400 miles of municipal pipes.

Greg Ramon, CEO of Little Rock Wastewater, said certain neighborhoods, Leawood, Briarwood, and Wingate, are priorities for improvements. It is a routine upgrade to the systems to replace old pipes to Keep rain and groundwater out of homes, and avoid sewage backups.

“The goal is to provide a reliable, cost effective system that will meet the need today, as well as for future generations," he said.

A community meeting will be held tonight, at The Anthony School in Little Rock, for residents with questions about the plan.

The project is funded by $160 million in bonds, sewage rates, and loans from the state.