Little Rock Mayor Asks Governor Hutchinson To Veto HB1228

Mar 31, 2015

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola
Credit Arkansas Times

Little Rock's mayor is urging Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson to veto a "religious freedom" bill that critics have said sanctions discrimination against gays and lesbians and that the mayor argues will hurt the state's economic development efforts.

Mayor Mark Stodola called the bill "simply too divisive" in a letter sent to Hutchinson and released by the city on Tuesday.

The proposal prohibits state and local government from infringing on someone's religious beliefs without a "compelling" interest.

Hutchinson has said he'll sign the bill into law if it reaches his desk. A final vote was expected as soon as Tuesday afternoon in the state House.

Stodola wrote in the letter that he believes the measure would hurt Hutchinson's push to attract more technology companies to the state.