Little Rock Police: New Cameras Have Helped Decrease And Prevent Crime

Nov 27, 2013

The Little Rock Police Department says in the six months that a network of cameras have been deployed throughout the capital city, more criminals are being caught.

The Big Dam Bridge has been an area with a high number of car break-ins, and Lieutenant Casey Clark notes the cameras have helped the department catch at least 10 car burglars.

Lt. Clark says that in the River Market area, where 18 cameras are in use, car break-ins have drastically decreased.

But the cameras have helped with more than just car break-ins. In one case, a camera set up at Two Rivers Park captured two people dumping a body into the Arkansas River.

The cameras have a scheduled blue light on them that strobes four times every minute after dark to visually remind visitors the cameras are there. Some of the cameras also have speakers attached to allow police officers to give an audible warning that the area is being monitored.