Little Rock Wastewater Utility Investigation Headed To Prosecutor; CEO Terminated

Jan 29, 2014

Little Rock Wastewater Utility's Administration Building in Little Rock.

Update: The Little Rock Wastewater Sanitary Sewer Committee has voted to terminate Reggie Corbitt, Chief Executive Officer of Little Rock Wastewater Utility. He had been on paid administrative leave since Dec. 10.

The results of an investigation by the Little Rock Police Department into questionable expenditures by the Little Rock Wastewater Utility will be sent to Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley, who will decide whether to file charges.

The city of Little Rock today released the summary of a police investigation into the utility.

Little Rock City Manager Bruce Moore says he was alarmed when he read the police summary, which notes utility funds were used for inappropriate purposes and that weapons have been fired on utility property. 

"Clearly it was inappropriate and should not have taken place. It's disappointing. But the good news is they've started the process to bring in a new leadership team," says Moore. 

The investigation was ordered after it was revealed that the chief executive officer of the utility approved an arrangement that allowed an operations manager to live on utility property paid for by public funds.