Little Rock's Sustainability Summit Set For Thursday

Apr 9, 2014

Business, environmental and civic leaders will gather Thursday at the Clinton Presidential Center to discuss the future of Little Rock's “green” efforts.

The 5th Annual Sustainability Summit is free, with the public encouraged to come share their thoughts.

The city’s Sustainability Officer Melinda Glasgow said Little Rock has made some improvements since last year.

“One of the big examples is Main Street with the built environment. It also has all of the other tenants of economic development with over $60 million worth of private investment going on down there. Bike lanes and such as that (being put in place) all over the city,” Glasgow said.

“So, absolutely. Since the Summit 2013, we’ve made a lot of progress, I do believe it. I think we have a lot of momentum, and that’s what we hope to be able to project out, that this is where we are, kind of giving an inventory.”

The topics that will be covered at the summit include energy, natural environment, economic development, built environment, and the quality of life. 

“We’re going to highlight an example of each and ask the audience to participate with us on what their thought is. And beyond that, our goal is to continue along this line and figure out how we want this to look, and the Little Rock’s sustainability plan to look in five years 2020,” Glasgow said.

The event will take place Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.