LRSD Advisory Hopefuls To Present To State Board of Education

Jun 27, 2016

Several dozen Little Rock residents aspiring to have a leadership role in local schools will make their case before the Arkansas Board of Education Monday.

Applicants for slots on the Little Rock School District Community Advisory Board are giving three minute pitches for themselves. State Board member Jay Barth says the group is statutorily mandated as part of the state takeover of the district.

He says the board will have authority over hiring and firing appeals, along with a larger mandate to speak for Little Rock residents.

"Especially to the commissioner who is still the school board for now and also to the state board and other folks in the community," said Barth. 

Barth says one representative will be selected from each of seven zones in Little Rock, hopefully representing the diversity of the city.

"In the past when we've created community advisory boards we've gotten a list of names without any face to put with those names," he said. "Our hope was this would provide the state board with a little more insight."

Education Commissioner Johnny Key will recommend his final picks for the state board to approve. The special meeting begins at 5:00 p.m. Monday at the Department of Education.