Man Charged In Arkadelphia Deaths Gets Life Terms

Aug 8, 2014

A man charged in three Arkadelphia slayings has been sentenced to four life sentences after pleading guilty.

21-year-old Riakos Lizana pleaded guilty on Friday to three counts of capital murder and one count of residential burglary.

Lizana admitted to killing 40-year-old Bobby Jean Galbraith and his stepdaughters, 4-year-old Marley Crutchfield and 6-year-old Adiele Crutchfield.

Prosecutor Blake Baston says Lizana was a family acquaintance and that Lizana also acknowledged he broke into the Arkadelphia residence with the intention of committing a theft. Baston says why Lizana killed the two girls isn't known.

Lizana must serve the life in jail sentences consecutively without parole.

Authorities say Lizana was charged after his palm print matched a bloody one found at the home.