Mayor Stodola Focuses On Crime In State Of The City Address

Mar 26, 2013

Credit Arkansas Times

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola  gave his State of the City Address Tuesday, assuring its citizens that high crime rates are being dealt with.  He also said revitalization projects continue to beautify the city, and public services will continue helping thousands of people. 

Mayor Stodola highlighted improvements the city has made during the last year, but also discussed aspects that still need some work. In particular, he said the criminal justice system needs to do a better job to keep “career burglars and thieves” locked up.

"The police arrest, the courts set bail, the prosecutor convicts, the courts punish, the corrections department supervises, if these parts do not work together, the system falls out of alignment" he said.

Stodola said most of those arrested last year for burglary charges were repeat offenders.  He encouraged Little Rock residents to call members of the state legislature to demand better supervision of people on parole. 

The mayor also said many steps have been taken towards reviving the city, including the clean up of over 32 tons of litter from public parks. The Main Street Revitalization Plan, including roadway and landscaping projects, garnered an international urban design award. Stodola noted Little Rock is one of 3 cities in the nation to be named a Service Leadership City.

Mayor Stodola also reminded residents of Little Rock to be on the look out for more private, public, and grant funded projects being implemented throughout the city.