Military Museum to Host World War I Poster Exhibit

Nov 7, 2013


An exhibit of more than 30 World War I posters is coming to Little Rock's MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History.

The collection, available to the public starting Friday, is a private donation from Helen Leigh, a widow of a former lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Force. Posters were originally collected by Little Rock native Thomas Clapham and helped raise $30 billion through drives and conservation efforts.

Credit MacArthur Museum of Military History

  World War I posters also played a definitive role in U.S. involvement, according to museum director Stephan McAteer.

"I think people don't realize how many uses there were for the posters," McAteer said. "The different purposes of the posters from recruitment to conservation to involvement ... It's just a visually appealing exhibit, but it also introduces you to the various ways that the government used to involve the public –  both the soldiers and the home front –  in supporting the war effort."

The exhibit will take place through the month of November. A special preview reception will also be held tonight at 5 p.m.

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