Miranda July Hearts NPR

Jul 23, 2013

Director, author and artist Miranda July came to NPR West for an interview with Linda Wertheimer for Weekend Edition Saturday about her new project called We Think Alone. It's an art project that sends out the personal emails of ten notable people to anyone who has signed up to receive them.

"Part of what I love about email is that we both use it passionately and emotionally and also for our most mundane, clerical uses." July says. "This project really moves between those poles." She gives the email senders topics to write about, topics that are normally kept private. For example, the first topic is money.

"I decided to use some celebrity, notable people in this case, because I didn't want to only invite in people who were already interested in a email art project," July says, of picking her email authors. The celebrities are artists and authors, a theoretical physicist, and some traditional celebrities like Lena Dunham and Kirsten Dunst. "Maybe you're coming in for the celebrity aspect, which is kind of negligible anyways. But once you're there, your experience is going to be very different than reading Perez Hilton or whatever. It's 10 human beings thinking alone."

On her way out, Miranda July showed some love for NPR. We won't send it out in an email blast, but hope you'll check out the whole interview. And for more on her project, go to WeThinkAlone.com

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