New CEO Announced For Arkansas Foodbank

May 6, 2013

The former head of the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance has been named the new CEO of the Arkansas Foodbank. 

Rhonda Sanders said she’s excited about the opportunity. 

“I really fell in love with the food banking industry, the mixture of charitable organization, helping people get their life on track and get the food they need, while also operating in the business environment.”

Sanders said the Arkansas Foodbank aims to allocate 18 million lbs. of food this year.

“Our goal is for it to be distributed evenly and equitably throughout the state and in the area of high poverty. So, they will receive the amounts of food that they need to ensure that those folks in poverty there have a good nutritious food source available to them,” said Sanders.

Sanders replaces Phyllis Haynes, who is retiring.

The group says Arkansas is ranked the third hungriest state in the nation.

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