New Workshop Exposes Children To Food Crafts

May 24, 2013

Credit Home Grown: Crafts and Food Fair for Kids

The Central Arkansas Library System's Children’s Library is hosting the Home Grown workshop Saturday to promote healthy living for children and families.

The Clinton School sponsored event aims to engage kids with cooks, farmers, and other experts, and expose them to new skills and information.  

One of the event planners, Britney Sink, says the workshop is important as some kids haven’t been exposed to cooking or gardening. 

"We really wanted to find a way to expose kids to learning about traditional homegrown crafts and how that relates to food and sustainability...growing vegetables, cooking, juicing, making ice cream, and just other home crafts and do it yourself projects, so they can continue their education" said Sink. 

The event will host demonstrations by representatives from Arkansas Children's Hospital, Green AR by the Day, Little Rock Urban Farming, and other organizations.

The event is Saturday from 1 to 4 pm at the new Children’s Library and Learning Center. Admission is free.