Newly Elected Republican State Senator Sworn In

Jan 28, 2014

Credit Maggie Carroll/KUAR News

Newly elected state Senator John Cooper was sworn in Tuesday at the Arkansas State Capitol.  

The Republican comes into office after a special election was held earlier this month to replace former senator Paul Bookout, a Democrat, who resigned for ethical violations.

In an interview with KUAR, Sen. Cooper said he does not have a specific agend,a but will be supporting “conservative causes.”

When asked if he will support continued funding for the private option Medicaid expansion, which is expected to be one of the key debates of the coming fiscal session of the Arkansas Legislature, Cooper said he will do what his district wants.

"I can't foresee supporting it. I ran on not supporting it and I received 57 percent of the vote. That was the major issue, so I think the voters have spoken in my district on that. What they said is what I believe," said Cooper. 

Next month's session begins Feb. 10.

Credit Maggie Carroll/KUAR News