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Jul 9, 2013

Summer here's, and with it comes the much-anticipated season of summer book lists. Lots and lots of lists. If you haven't started reading, no sweat. Turns out NPR has a place for book lovers to discover page-turning stories and hear stories beyond the page: the NPR Books podcast.

So take a quick break from your summer stack for this latest chapter of the NPR Podcast Guide, complete with tips from NPR Books web producer Beth Novey. Keep reading - we know you want to - for more.

Why You Will Enjoy Listening

With original content from NPR programs like All Things Considered and Fresh Air, there's a little something for every genre of book lover: the avid (or occasional) reader, the non-fiction follower or the fiction fanatic. NPR Books has you covered.

Tip from Beth: "If you want to know what to read next, then this is the podcast for you. It's a selection of the week's best author interviews, reviews and recommendation essays. It's a place to discover new books, learn about what's happening in the book industry, and hear authors talk about their work."

What You Can Expect

As the adage goes, expect the unexpected. Even book reviews have their share of plot twists and surprise revelations, like Meg Wolitzer's review of My Education, a campus thriller novel by Susan Choi. Wolitzer writes:

"The writing in this novel is masterful — but the book did something to me emotionally, too. I felt like I was in an obsessive relationship with it. I wanted to read it all the time."

Tip from Beth: "The podcast is as varied and surprising as NPR Books stories themselves. In just the last few weeks we've featured: a tribute to beloved-coming-of-age novelist Judy Blume; a round-up of summer reading recommendations from our go-to librarian Nancy Pearl; interviews with blockbuster authors Dan Brown and Khaled Hosseini; and conversations about everything from swearing to spam and the wives of America's first astronauts."

Recent Stories You Must Hear

Listen to an exclusive first read excerpt from author David Rakoff's novel, Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish; hear a Fresh Air interview with artist Tomi Ungerer, whose illustration credits include Where The Wild Things Are; and dive deeper into the lives of Difficult Men in popular television from author Brett Martin. Read on to learn how these stories are hand-picked each week.

Tip from Beth: "Every Thursday morning I look through all of the stories we've run in the past week and select five that provide a snapshot of the book world that week. It's always a challenge to choose just five! Time constraints keep us from including some of our longer author interviews from Fresh Air, but you should subscribe to their podcast, too, so that you don't miss interviews with authors like Stephen King, Questlove and Robert Caro."

How to Listen and Discover More NPR Books

Subscribe and download new episodes

Updates: Thursday
Duration: approx 20 minutes
Price: Free (always)

Stay well-read on book news by liking the NPR Books Facebook page and following their Twitter feed (tweets by NPR Books editor Petra Mayer). There's even an NPR Books tote bag to transport your lit luggage.

And we couldn't leave you without a few recommended reads to guide your way.

NPR Books' Picks: "If you're looking for your next great read this summer, here are some titles the NPR Books team is excited about right now:

Five Star Billionaire by Tash Aw
My Education by Susan Choi
A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra
The Telling Room by Michael Paterniti
You Don't Know Me but You Don't Like Me by Nathan Rabin
The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

Happy reading!"

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