Official Says Former Lt. Gov. Mark Darr Will 'Soon' Pay Up

Aug 26, 2014

Former Lt. Gov. Mark Darr leaving a hearing by the Arkansas Ethics Committee last year that discussed his abuses.
Credit Michael Hibblen / KUAR

The Arkansas attorney general's office says it expects former Lt. Gov. Mark Darr to reimburse the state nearly $11,000 for improper expenses "very soon." Darr owes the state $10,973 in improper expenses, which auditors recommended in April that he pay for misspending taxpayer funds.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that on top of that required payment, Darr also was fined $11,000 over ethics violations tied to his office and campaign spending. He resigned in February.

Ethics Commission Director Graham Sloan says Darr has paid $7,000 of his $11,000 fine. He says Darr must pay the commission $1,000 per month and is current on his payments.

Darr has declined to comment to the newspaper. Attorney general's spokesman Aaron Sadler also declined to elaborate on what he means by "very soon."