Oil Spill Evacuees Have Few More Weeks Before Allowed Back In Homes

Apr 29, 2013

ExxonMobil as well as federal, state and local officials are still working to clean up from the oil spill in Mayflower that happened one month ago.

The Pegasus Pipeline ruptured spilling about 5,000 barrels of oil into the Northwoods subdivision. Residents from the neighborhood still have not returned to their homes.

On a conference call for members of the media Monday with a group called the Remember Mayflower, Arkansas Coalition, which is working to keep up awareness of the spill and its effects, one resident shared her concerns. Jennifer Kirby who says her home is one street over from where the pipeline ruptured, said her family is trying to sell their house rather than move back.

"My biggest concern is with the solvents that are in the air being cancer causing agents," Kirby said.

ExxonMobil issued a news release today saying they have a re-entry plan for residents that they will begin to implement in the next few weeks. It will include air sampling inside of homes by Exxon Mobile and the EPA and will be coordinated with the Arkansas Department of Health.