Outside The Box: Welcome To The New NPR Home Page

Aug 14, 2013
Originally published on October 29, 2014 7:47 am

We have more to tell you.

If you're wondering, that's why we redesigned and launched a new NPR home page today. We have stories that need more space to breathe, and you deserve a more vivid picture of the world.

We liked our old home pages, on desktop and mobile, and those pages worked well. But they had their limitations. On desktops and tablets, our old newspaper-like design told you our seriousness of purpose and conveyed the range of our news and cultural sections. On phones, our page was quick and headline-driven.

But no one ever tuned into NPR wanting just headlines in boxes.

You've always come to NPR because you want more. You've told us so. You want context, clarity and engagement with the world. You want journalism that cuts through the headline haze and realizes life's complexities and joys. You want reporting and storytelling you can't forget. Our new home page strives to better connect you to those stories.

Outside the Box
The new page allows us to break from the old boxes and highlight what's valuable and different about each story. We still give you a quick view of the top of the news, but for our most distinctive coverage, we now have the time and space to deliver you audio, images and video that are critical to understanding the news. We can bring more voices and nuance, an experience much more like what you've always heard on air.

A Page With Real Connections
Beyond the moment's stories, the new home page aims also to connect you with your community and interests. At the top of the page, there's easy access to your NPR Member Station's site and live stream. If you want to change stations, that's simple too. Throughout the page, we provide navigation that gives you deep access to our programs and topical coverage. At the bottom of the page, you can load more stories from any of our major sections.

Responsive Design Adjusts to Any Screen Size
Perhaps best of all, you can enjoy this experience however you access NPR digitally. We no longer have one home page for mobile and another for desktop. The new home page is "responsive," automatically optimizing its design and features uniquely for your phone, tablet, laptop or widescreen. Our home page FAQ explains more.

Your Feedback Gave Us Direction
All of these changes are significant, and we owe many thanks to you, our public-media audience and supporters, for the push forward. Your feedback and clicks have led us in new directions. Your testing has helped us develop and refine new digital experiences like this one. We plan to continue the evolution, so we welcome your comments, emails and tweets of feedback.

With this new home page, we endeavor to exceed your expectations, on whatever screen you use. Remarkable stories emerge each day in the news, and we look forward to delivering them in this new experience.

The world is too interesting a place to put into boxes.

Scott Montgomery is managing editor of NPR Digital News. Zach Brand is vice president of NPR Digital Media. Patrick Cooper is senior product manager of NPR.org.

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