Parole Administrator In Dennis Case Fired

Aug 22, 2013

State officials have fired a top parole and probation administrator after a state investigation showed he violated key policies at the Department of Community Corrections.

The Arkansas-Democrat Gazette reports that Damian McNeal was fired Monday, according to an internal investigation account which says he “changed an incident report at least twice to reflect false information and submitted it as a complete and accurate report”. 

McNeal allegedly mishandled the case of parole absconder Darrell Dennis, who after his 2008 prison release, was charged with multiple crimes without a receiving a revocation hearing. 

Dennis is charged with killing teenager Forrest Abrams in Little Rock earlier this year. 

Governor Mike Beebe and several politicians had called for an thorough review of the state's parole system after learning about the case, spawning investigations by state agencies and legislative hearings.