Permaculture Film Series Begins

May 1, 2013

A discussion and film series on the sustainable agriculture practice known as permaculture is underway at the Main Library in Little Rock. The series is led by Anita Budhraja, who is with the environmental group Transition Central Arkansas. 


Budhraja says she thinks that permaculture is less labor intensive and easier on the land. The practice emphasizes organizing a garden by utilizing advantages in the natural landscape rather than human constructs.

"It applies to a normal family who wants to do a really low maintenance backyard garden and doesn't want to pull weeds all the time. "

"It can also apply to urban gardeners that work in urban gardens and the community of school gardens in Little Rock.  We're hoping that they can learn something they can implement in their existing gardens," says Budhraja.

The series will present a new film every Wednesday in May at 5:30 p.m. Experts in the field will lead discussions after each screening.