Proposed Arkansas Satan Monument Advances To Public Hearing

Jan 25, 2017

A statue of Baphomet as a goat-headed figure flanked by two children could appear alongside the 10 Commandments at the state Capitol.
Credit KFOR

A proposal to erect a satanic monument on the Arkansas state Capitol grounds has advanced to a public hearing.

A subcommittee of the state Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission on Wednesday cleared the proposal by the Satanic Temple to build a Baphomet statue. A date has not been set for the public hearing, but a spokeswoman said it'll likely be held after this year's legislative session.

The proposal was made in response to a privately funded Ten Commandments monument lawmakers approved last year. A public hearing was held last month on that proposal, but a date has not been set for the commission to vote on the Ten Commandments display.

The Baphomet proposal would still need to be authorized by the Legislature even if it's approved by the commission.