Public Meetings Set For Finalists To Become Little Rock Police Chief

Apr 30, 2014

The city of Little Rock Wednesday announced dates for public receptions to meet the three finalists to become Chief of the Little Rock Police Department. 

City Manager Bruce Moore said the public's opinion is needed.

“We learn a long time ago that the city can’t do this by themselves, we need the community involved, we need the business community involved,” Moore said.  “Public safety remains the city’s top priority and obviously this person leads the largest department in the state, the largest department (that’s) part of the city government organization.”

Current Chief Stuart Thomas is retiring in June.

“The men and women of LRPD put their lives on the line everyday for the citizens of our city and we want somebody, I want somebody that has the ability to lead the department but also has ability to engage the community,” Moore said.

The three finalists, their current positions and dates for public meetings are:

May 8: Eric Higgins, Assistant Chief of Police, Little Rock Police Department.

May 12: Kenton Buckner, Assistant Chief of Police, Louisville Metro Police Department, Louisville, KY.

May 15: John Ray, Executive Chief Deputy, Tarrant County Sheriff's Office, Fort Worth, TX.