Renoir Masterpiece Coming To The Arkansas Arts Center

May 2, 2016

Renoir's "Madame Henriot in Costume" to be displayed at the Arkansas Arts Center.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

A temporary exchange of paintings will bring a Renoir masterpiece to the Arkansas Arts Center. Dr. Ann Prentice Wagner, curator of drawings, says Pierre Auguste Renoir’s “Madame Henriot in Costume” will bring a new perspective to other pieces in the museum's permanent collection.

“Of course, Pierre Auguste Renoir is one of the great impressionist masters and this is a really fabulous full-length portrait,” said Wagner, “and it’s not like anything we have on the wall. We have a small Renoir, still life of dead game.”

The impressionist's portrait of one of his favorite models is on loan from the Columbus Museum of Art in Ohio. The painting is scheduled to be displayed in Little Rock May 24-September 11. The Arts Center is temporarily sending away the painting “Dos Mujeres” by Diego Rivera as part of the trade.