Report: Morale Improves At Arkansas Game And Fish Commission

Mar 9, 2014

A new study has found marked improvement in morale among employees of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission since a previous study about 18 months ago.

A report released in July 2012 by Responsive Management Inc. found that employees perceived an atmosphere of harassment, intimidation and bullying by upper management and that overall satisfaction was 15 percent.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported Sunday that a new survey released last month found overall satisfaction is now 68 percent.

Commission employees in 2012 harshly criticized then-Director Loren Hitchcock and then-Commissioner Rick Watkins.

Hitchcock has since been replaced by Mike Knoedl and Watkins has resigned. Knoedl, who began his career as a wildlife officer, said he's worked to open lines of communication with employees and to develop a plan for the agency's future.