RNC Chairman Touts The Role Of Arkansas In The Fight For The Senate

Aug 19, 2014

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus (at the podium) acknowledges Republican Senate candidate Tom Cotton during a press conference at Cotton's campaign headquarters.
Credit Michael Hibblen / KUAR News

The Chairman of the Republican National Committee is in Arkansas, promising the state will be ground zero in the battle to seize control of the U.S. Senate this fall.

Speaking to volunteers at Tom Cotton’s campaign office Tuesday, Reince Priebus said incumbent Senator Mark Pryor lied when he said people would benefit from the president’s healthcare plan.

"In the last two years, Obamacare has caused Americans to lose their jobs, lose their doctors and lose their plans.  And now in November, we get to return the favor to Mark Pryor and the Democrats and they're going to lose their majority in the United States Senate.  That's why we need to elect Tom Cotton and fire Harry Reid."

After the event, Cotton said he will win in November by continuing to reach out to voters.

"We're traveling all across the state of Arkansas, we've got a big RV on the 'Arkansas First' tour, and we call it that because Arkansas needs a senator who finally will put Arkansas first," Cotton said.  "Mark Pryor's been saying that for a long time, but when he gets to Washington, he always puts the Obama agenda first, 93 percent of the time. That does not reflect Arkansas's conservative views and values." 

Priebus's visit is among a string of appearances by national Republican figures. Wednesday, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be in Jonesboro, appearing with Gubernatorial candidate Asa Hutchinson.  

U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy will also visit the state Wednesday, touring Welspun Tubular Pipes in Little Rock with 2nd District Congressional candidate French Hill.  The facility would be the producer of pipes used for the embattled Keystone XL Pipeline, if it's approved.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is also to visit Arkansas next week.

In response to our original story, a representative of the Pryor campaign sent this:

"Mr. Priebus flew to Arkansas to peddle the same falsehoods that Tom Cotton's billionaire backers have tried and failed to convince Arkansans of for nearly a year" said Erik Dorey, Pryor's deputy campaign manager. "Arkansans know Mark is an independent voice for families in our state who never shies away from telling this president or anyone that they're wrong when the issue matters to Arkansans. If Congressman Cotton's strategy for advancing his political ambitions is to flatly mislead Arkansans, it speaks to his character."