Saline County To Begin Warrant Amnesty Program

Aug 22, 2013

The Saline County Sheriff’s Department is beginning an arrest warrant amnesty program Monday.

Anyone who has a non-violent, misdemeanor warrant in the county will be given a chance to turn themselves in and take care of the warrant without serving time in jail.

Lieutenant Scott Courtney says it’s offered as a service to people who have warrants to get them in to court and back into the system.

“They can basically turn themselves in, they’ll be issued a ticket and a court date and we’ll show the warrant served and they will not get picked up and put in jail for that warrant,” Courtney said.

He says the amnesty program has been very successful in the past because it saves warrant holders money and trouble.

“People generally take us up on this and get a chance to get a court date, rather than having to end up costing them a lot more money in the long run from having to bond out of jail or getting their car towed,” said Courtney.

The amnesty period is from Monday through September 30th. Courtney says it doesn’t matter how old the warrant is. If it’s an active warrant, non violent, and a misdemeanor, it will be taken care of. Anyone interested in taking advantage of the program should call (501) 303-5644.