Sen. Rapert Says Ten Commandments Fundraiser Exceeded Goal

Mar 1, 2016

Credit Wikipedia

Republican State Senator Jason Rapert says he has exceeded his fundraising goal to place a Ten Commandments monument on state capitol grounds.

Senator Rapert posted a video on Facebook to announce the construction effort has been gifted more than $18,600, over his $17,635 goal. Senator Rapert says the granite for the project has been ordered, and the statue will be built in the style of the Ten Commandments monument on capitol grounds in Texas.

Last year, legislators passed a law to allow construction of a Ten Commandments monument, if sponsored by a private group. The American History and Heritage foundation has agreed to erect the monument.

Recently a Hindu group said it was denied a request to place a monument on Arkansas capitol grounds. A satanic group has also publicized efforts to build a monument at the capitol.

The American Humanist Association recently wrote a letter to Senator Rapert saying  he would be “inviting litigation” by pursuing the monument.