September Is National Recovery Month

Sep 6, 2013

Joy Figarsky delivering the Governor's proclamation at a recent press conference about National Recovery Month.
Credit Arkansas Department of Human Services

September is National Recovery Month, and the state’s Department of Human Services is working to raise awareness about mental issues, substance abuse and recovery.

32 percent of adults in Arkansas report having “poor mental health,” which is slightly higher than the 30 percent national average.

Kate luck, spokeswoman for the Department, says this percentage encompasses several issues.

"We want to get those numbers down. We also want to get out the message that recovery is possible for every person.  Some people think, oh I can't do it...but we have the programs in place, and whether you're struggling with mental health issues or addiction issues, we have programs in place to help you, "said Luck.

Click here for the full report on Arkansas's mental health and substance abuse data.