Sequestration Could Close Control Towers In Arkansas

Mar 3, 2013

Several regional airports around Arkansas could lose funding to operate their control towers because of the budget sequestration in Washington. 

Monday the U.S. Department of Transportation is to announce which ones will be cut.

One of those is in Texarkana, Arkansas.  Sabrina McCormick with Texarkana station KTXK reports that could also jeopardize its passenger service.

The sole airline serving the airport, American Eagle, could decide to end service because there is a higher risk when serving non-towered airports.

Steve Luebbert, executive director of Texarkana Regional Airport, says he was recently informed that his is among several airports in Arkansas at risk because of the failure to reach an agreement on the budget in Washington.

"We have been given, essentially a warning letter which lists all the airports that fall below a certain operational level and those are the ones targeted for control tower closure or reduction in service," Luebbert said.

If Texarkana is cut, the changes would take effect April 1.