Shelters Set Up For Residents After Tornado Damage

Apr 28, 2014


For hundreds of residents the repercussions of Monday’s storm damage are still being contemplated as they use food, blankets, and cots provided by the Red Cross. Brigette Williams with Arkansas’s chapter of the Red Cross said six shelters are being used in Mayflower, Conway, and Vilonia.

She said they are continuing to take in those affected by the tornados, which has included a number of children.

“It’s a matter of taking their emotional temperature, if you will. It’s a stressful time for them. When we see adults that have children they tend to try and want to do the best that they can to pretend as if this is normal, for the kids. We want to just try and help them through that process to be as comfortable as they can,” said Williams.

Williams expects the number of people needing assistance to continue fluctuating while the bonds between volunteers and those seeking aid grow.

“We have had volunteers who have actually shed tears because they became attached to the guests that were there and we’ve had guests who have shed tears when they’ve had to leave our volunteers. I think that speaks well for the care that is given and that is received,” said Williams.

She said after tornados hit shelters typically stay open between three days and a week but doors will remain open as long as the need exists.

The Red Cross is accepting contributions for the relief effort at and 1-800-red-cross.