Slideshow: Sounding The 'Black Lives Matter' Refrain In Arkansas

Jul 10, 2016

Scores of young people made up the bulk of a diverse crowd about 200 on the state Capitol steps on Friday, calling for an end to police violence against African-Americans. The show of support for the Black Lives Matter movement came after the latest round of national incidents involving police officers killing seemingly cooperative young, black men. Organizers under the auspices of Hands Up, Guns Down also unequivocally condemned the killing of police officers in Dallas.

Check out the first 15 minutes of KUAR’s Week In Review Podcast to hear speeches from the rally and further reporting on Arkansas’s intersection with the Black Lives Matter movement dating back to the death of 15 year old Bobby Moore III in 2012.

There were multiple rallies and demonstrations in Little Rock over the weekend. People pictured here were at an event that ran from 12-2 p.m on Friday.