Stores Packed As People Stock Up In Advance Of The Ice Storm

Dec 5, 2013

In advance of the pending ice storm, stores in central Arkansas have been busy with people stocking up on groceries and other necessities to ride out the storm.

At a Kroger store on Colonel Glenn Road, customers were buying everything from dry goods and batteries, to the traditional staples like milk, eggs, and bread.

Keisha Elow said she had been to several stores Thursday, finding many were nearly cleaned out.

“Everything is almost off the shelf. Boxes, you just see empty boxes, so I guess I’m a little late on that,” said Elow. “I think most of the stores are kind of prepared, but I guess they just can’t really predict the outcome.”

Another shopper, Charles Yancy, said he made sure he had enough food to last through the weekend.

“Meat, meat, meat, that’s what I like. Meat and some vegetables and collard greens, collard greens, collard greens, yes, yes, yes,” Yancy said. “But, you know what? Get out here and get it while it’s still good because when it gets bad, you’re going to be stuck!”

Some people said they were more worried about power outages and were buying batteries, flashlights and charcoal. Frozen water pipes are an issue as well, so bottled water and juice were also being purchased.