Tempartures May Dip to 40s in Arkansas

Oct 3, 2013

Credit www.weather.gov / NWS

Temperatures in Arkansas are expected to make a noticeable drop over the weekend. The National Weather Service’s Marty Trexler said it’ll come as scattered severe storms and a cold front move in.

“Normally this time of year we do actually get right around 80 degrees as our high and morning lows in the 60s. So, about five degrees below normal or seven degrees below normal on highs and the low temperatures if we get down to the 50s that’s below normal. Monday morning why might see some in the 40s,” said Trexler.

Trexler said conditions could also change if Tropical Storm Karen in the Gulf of Mexico changes course. But for now a Canadian cold front will shape much of our weather this weekend and into next week.

Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms are likely to appear during the weekend with the heaviest rainfall in eastern Arkansas.