Tips From A Chief Tax Officer For Filing This Year's Tax Return

Jan 7, 2013


With taxpayers to soon be getting their annual tax statements, officials say there are several things to keep in mind. 

Mark Steber, the chief tax officer of Jackson Hewitt tax service, said, “The smart best practice is start early. Collect those documents that will be coming in the next few weeks, find yourself a preparer that you’re comfortable with… There’s no real reason to wait.”

Despite various opinions on the deal to avert the fiscal cliff, Steber says this is a good year for taxpayers. 

“2013 is going to be much different from 2012. Another good reason to talk to someone… It is a good thing we avoided the cliff and it should be a good season for almost everybody who file,” said Steber.

Steber says everyone should consider filing electronically to the IRS to get immediate validation and to speed up the process.

Steber says tax websites such as or Jackson can also be a good place to help you fill out your tax return.