Two-Way: Healthcare Vote Spurs Democrat Joshua Mahony's Bid To Unseat U.S. Rep. Womack

May 10, 2017

Arkansas Democrats weren’t even able to muster a full slate of challengers for Arkansas’s four U.S. House seats last election but in northwest Arkansas, four-term Republican Congressman Steve Womack now has a race on his hands. Joshua Mahony, the 36-year old head of the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund, is running as a Democrat for the 3rd District seat. He spoke with KUAR’s Jacob Kauffman about his bid for Congress.

Mahony discusses how Womack's vote to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act spurred on his announcement; what should be done with federal healthcare laws; immigration; and what he'll need to do to get Trump voters to cast ballots for him.

Rep. Womack's office has no comment on Mahony's bid for the U.S. House.