UA, ASU Boards Vote To Opt Out Of Campus Gun Law

May 23, 2013

Students on the University of Arkansas at Little Rock campus
Credit UALR Facebook page

Arkansas' two largest university systems are opting out of a new state law allowing faculty and staff to carry concealed handguns on campus.  

The University of Arkansas and Arkansas State University boards on Thursday voted unanimously to continue banning concealed firearms on campus.

The bans will apply to UA's 11 campuses and ASU's four campuses. Arkansas Tech University's board was also voting on its policy regarding the gun law.  

Most colleges and universities around the state have opted out of the new law, citing recommendations from campus leaders and security officials.

The law requires public colleges and universities to revisit the policy annually if they opt out. 

Under the new law, private colleges and universities can also opt out but don't have to revisit the policy annually.