UALR Unveils Renovated Nursing Building

Oct 30, 2013

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has announced the opening of an on-campus, simulated hospital designed to give students real-world experience.

Built in 1949 and known formerly as Administration South, the facility spans 9,500 square feet and cost more than $7 million in renovations. It now features 22 beds and state-of-the-art materials, including basic medical equipment training manikins created for instructional purposes.

UALR Chancellor Joel Anderson said he's pleased with the renovations and hopes the staff and students will take full advantage of the new environment.

"It's colorful, it's alive and it's just beautiful," Anderson said. "I'm really pleased to see what we have here and it's great to participate in dedicating it to the nursing program."

Nursing student Lauren Schiller noted the new building will expand the program, which is already among the more successful at the university.

"We had an open house on Sunday," Schiller said. "Seeing the responses of people who were planning on applying to nursing school ... they were blown away."

With additional funding, the Department of Nursing also plans to replace other existing materials (such as simulators) and install multimedia equipment in two remaining debriefing rooms.