UAMS Opens A New Sickle Cell Anemia Clinic

Jan 21, 2014

A new clinic for adults with sickle cell anemia is opening at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. 

The program will offer a 24/7 call center as well as provide yearly flu shots and things not always available in more rural areas.

Physician with the program, Dr. Robin Devan, says approximately 1,300 children and adults suffer from sickle cell in Arkansas, but treatment isn’t consistent.

"Adults with sickle cell in Arkansas didn't really have a home. When they're children they get all their care at Arkansas Childrens' Hospital and when they turn into an adult they are referred out to a primary care physician. Sometimes that relationship blossoms and sometimes it doesn't, " said Devan. 

Dr.Devan says she hopes the clinic will ease the transition from child health care to long term, adult care.