Walmart Launches "Arkansas' Own" To Promote Products Made In The State

May 20, 2013

The world's largest retailer, Walmart, is emphasizing products that are created, processed and produced in Arkansas.

Local companies and lawmakers joined in the launching Monday to highlight thousands of Arkansas-made items on the store's shelves.

The program called "Arkansas’ Own" will help customers easily find and buy things from the state.

Governor Mike Beebe said, "Let's manufacture in Arkansas, let's make the products in Arkansas, and let's sell those products. So, for all the reasons that have been stated, for the creation of jobs, for the spurring of the economy, for Arkansas pride, we know we can make stuff as well or better than anybody in the whole world."

Ed Fryar, CEO of an Arkansas company, Ozark Mountain Poultry, said in the kickoff event that he’s grateful.

"The fact that they do business with us, small companies like us, and not just the really big companies around the country, shows that they have not lost touch with their roots. They haven't forgot where they came from. They realized that helping Arkansas companies, helps Walmart but also helps the state of Arkansas. It makes me very proud to see our product display, especially with this Arkansas's Own sign, that you can see back here, so I'm really honored to represent the dozens of small companies and large companies that are based in Arkansas."

Walmart is investing $50 billion over 10 years on American-made products.